Hi, I’m Felicia.

Obsessed with colour and craft, my journey through knitting, sewing, spinning, dyeing, and the fibre arts have led me to weaving. I’m the founder of SweetGeorgia Yarns and the School of SweetGeorgia. You’ll also find me talking about making time to make things here on YouTube.

In this space, I explore weaving on floor looms from both personal and professional perspectives.

I’ve been learning to weave since 2006 and started on a Leclerc Dorothy table loom. Soon after, I wove a wool and mohair blanket on a Leclerc Nilus jack loom and a weft-faced rug on a Leclerc Fanny counterbalance loom. Working on these humble projects brought me a joy that I have been trying to articulate and share ever since.

Today, I weave on two Louet Spring countermarche looms, a Schacht Baby Wolf jack loom in cherry, a Leclerc 45″ Mira and a Leclerc 27″ Fanny counterbalance looms to explore interactions of hand-dyed yarn in handwoven cloth.

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