Crackle Weaving Experiments

October 25, 2022

This is the first warp that I’ve put on the Leclerc Fanny loom since the loom restoration earlier this summer. I also added a new sectional beam to the Fanny and this warp gave me an opportunity to warp sectionally from 20 cones of 8/2 organic Venne cotton.

The threading draft is by Mary M Atwater from “Practical Weaving Suggestions Vol 5 No 2” for crackle weave and it’s been so much fun to play with. Crackle feels like a very practical weave structure, ideal for firmer fabrics without the risk of long floats.

I’ve treadled the blocks in order and in reverse, and then tromp-as-writ and also with a variety of colours of leftover 8/2 cotton.

Finally, I’ve decided to use the SweetGeorgia Flaxen Silk Fine in Pineapple as hand-dyed weft for crackle. It works beautifully. It’s just the right thickness to add a bit of heft to the pattern while the 8/2 cotton sits in the background. There’s a blend of silk and linen in the weft yarn that adds a bit of luxe to the fabric. Plus, I just love the Pineapple colour. Once I weave enough of this Flaxen Silk Fine weft, I’ll go back to experimenting with various treadling patterns.

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  1. Sallyann Kluz says:

    I’m curious as to which of the threadings you used from the Mary Atwater pamphlet!

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