Dornik Twill Towels

November 28, 2021

This is the first warp on the new baby Fanny loom. Twill towels. 400 ends at 20 EPI in 8/2 unmercerized cotton.

I’m getting used to all the quirks of this new-to-me loom. The beater is a little wobbly, so I have to be careful to beat as straight as possible, reaching to grab the beater in the centre. At the start of my first towel, I can see diagonal streaks of unevenness where the weft was beating in at a diagonal on each side.

Also, the the foam bumpers on the back of the beater have fallen off, so the beater falls very close to the shafts. I’ll need to put new bumpers on to create more of an offset where my fingers can grab on to the top of the beater.

As well, the brake is a little twitchy. It needs a good push on the lever to get the brake band to release, but then if I let go of the foot release too quickly, the cord that connects to the brake band will fly off and disconnect itself. That should be an easy fix though.

And I’ve needed to adjust the rollers, shafts, and treadles to make sure that the shed is big, open, and clear. So far so good, I’ve managed to find a sweet spot and the cloth has been looking good on the top and underside.

Otherwise, the loom feels very much like my Mira, just a lot more broken in. I think the beater needs a good tightening. The loom weaves beautifully. It makes me feel like I already know my way around this loom, being able to tweak and adjust things to get it to work.

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