Halvdräll Towels

June 29, 2022

Mesmerized by the subtle texture of this linen/cotton weft and the background of 8/2 cotton. These colours are delicious too… like caramel and cranberry. The warp is 8/2 organic cotton from Venne and the weft is Gist Yarn Duet. This pattern is from @gistyarn by @clothingformoderns and features #halvdräll (described as simplified overshot in the pattern). It’s so beautifully minimal and I can see how this could be adapted to new design ideas. 

Halvdräll towels in 8/2 Venne organic cotton and Gist Duet linen/cotton

I’m making the blocks up as I go… even changing colour within a block. It takes four picks to make one treadling sequence (pattern, tabby, pattern, tabby) and so I’m laying in colours with a multiple of six sequences. Some blocks are 6 high, others are 12, 18, or 24, and I mix them up as I go. The weaving goes very quickly and I finished nearly a third of my warp in no time at all. 

The touch of robin’s egg blue has been my favourite accent to this warm palette of colours. These Halvdräll towels have been a favourite project of mine, changing colours as the mood strikes me but trying to create a rhythm and consistency as well. I enjoy this “designing as I go” feeling and remember the same feeling when I worked on the Krokbragd mini rug last year.

Here’s the video where I talked at length about weaving these towels and how I’ll finish them…



A few of the towels were given to the kids’ teachers at the end of the school year this June. It feels very strange to give these towels as gifts. I’ve been weaving since 2006 and have rarely sent my weaving projects out into the world, so this is a very big step, personally.

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