OHS Unit 1 Basic Weaves


Participating in the Ontario Handweavers & Spinners Weaving Certificate Unit 1 Basic Weaves was a great opportunity for me to work in-depth to weave good cloth with precise guidelines. My goal with participating in the OHS Unit 1 program was to solidify my understanding of the fundamentals of weaving and these weave structures.

Working through Unit 1 has had such an immense impact on my workflow and practice as a weaver. Previous to this program, I would design and weave projects “on the fly” and make sparse and scattered notes about what I had done. I had no system for keeping track of warps that I had wound, how many ends I wound, how long they were, or what I had planned to sett them at. I relied on my memory (!), cell phone photos, and some digital and handwritten notes. As you would expect, it was a challenge to pull together all the details of a project to organize it for publishing.

This OHS