Overshot woven on opposites

January 15, 2022

Looking so psychedelic… this is overshot “woven on opposites”. I’m using the aqua for my main colour and orange for the accent colour. It beats more closely because there is no tabby to provide the base structure and looks more weft-faced. The treadling rhythm doesn’t feel as convenient as alternating two feet for pattern-tabby-pattern-tabby, but instead requires a bit of thinking (what’s the opposite of what I just treadled?!). Loving this interesting result though. I wonder how it would look with analogous colours. 💗 I’m using Ashford 5/2 mercerized cotton for these samples.

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  1. Anne Bridge says:

    This looks so great. So instead of tabby, you are weaving an orange pick following the aqua on the opposite treadles. If aqua was on 1,2, then you throw aqua on 3 &4?

    1. That’s absolutely correct! Yes! Instead of tabby, I weave the opposite treadles with the secondary colour!

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